Every Design starts with a Challenge.

We welcome you in our making of section, to give you an insight of our design process. We guide you trough the chapters of inspiration, sketching, modeling, prototyping and visualizing to give you a better understanding of what it takes from the initial idea to the finished product. We wish you a pleasant journey!

At the beginning of this project was the fascination for and the inspiration of the lens aperture. It is the technical response to changing light conditions and requirements and therefore the ideal starting point for a light object.



As a first approach to convert the existing two-dimensional aperture into third dimension we made hand sketches and renderings. In a second step we started to build rough models from paper and plastic. Design drawings complement this step on the way to the product.




The idea was digitized using CAD software, which allowed us to analyze its feasibility. The model was refined on the basis of technical drawings in this step. The beauty of the simulation of motion shifted our motivation to the next phase.



The digital data is tested into the material. Initially, thermoforming molds are created, various materials thermoformed and then milled by a 5-axis CNC. Several iterations and material testings were made to bridge the gap between theory and reality. The result of perfectly smooth moving parts can now be found in every single luminaire of the series.



To share the fascination with you, we got the product back into the digital world. Because we already spent so much time with the object, it was a very special part of the design process.

About Us


KDID stands for Koslowski & Dwalischwili Industrial Design. The berlin based design studio was founded in 2013 by Malte Koslowski and Georg Dwalischwili during their studies at the Universität der Künste Berlin at the Institute of Process and Product Design.